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Some of the best and most beautiful beaches in the entire world are to be found in the Algarve. Hardly surprising then that the region is a favourite for sun-seekers from all over the world.

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Along its 200 kilometre coastline, the Algarve has all types of coves, cliffs and caves, its rocky beaches contrasting with broad expanses of sand, get there in a couple of minutes after booking your car hire Faro Algarve. Different types of beach, but all sourrounded in a really calmed atmosphere and the warm seawaters of its coastline. Same attractive is the Algarve's mild climate all year round.

The beaches of the Algarve represent the ideal choice for the perfect holidays!

There is no need to wait for summer to come and visit the Algarve and enjoy the best sporting and outdoor activities! There are excellent conditions all year to ensure that you get to interact, through your favourite sporting activity, with the best of natural environments and enjoy the healthy airs of the Algarve. Remember to pre-book your car hire Faro airport in order to save on your next holidays in the Algarve, Portugal.

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Benefiting from good air links and overland means of access, in addition to an impressive range of four and five-star hotels, the region has taken over as the main centre for business tourism in the south of Portugal.

The diversity of its nature is certainly one of the great strengths of the Algarve. From the coast up to the hills, there is a wide range of landscapes to explore, each of them special in their own way.

Cosmopolitan and rustic at the same time, the Algarve can be enjoyed in all its calm or all its excitement, depending on your mood or preference, so

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For those seeking the best in pubs and nightclubs, the Algarve nightlife features the very latest trends in music. All across the region, there is plenty of café terraces, nightclubs, marinas, casinos, pubs and restaurants providing atmospheres to satisfy all tastes.

There is also a lot to do during the day. From the theme parks to the shopping malls, including every type of cultural event, quality is guaranteed to ensure you a very unfogettable holidays.

For those wishing to take a calmer approach to life, the options on offer range from the sophistication of Thalassotherapy centres to the healthy life of a Spa resort or the peace and quiet of a rural estate.

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